Wild Eye Diaries – Episode 6

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Episode 6 of the Wild Eye Diaries is live!

Hosted by Johan, this episode includes:

  • 01:31 – Marlon and Johan discuss their recent Safari to the Serengeti
  • 14:07 – Lara and Johan catch up over a cup of Coffee
  • 30:15 – Update in the field from Gerry
  • 38:30 – Weekly update from the Guides
  • 44:37 – Wrapping up

The Wild Eye Diaries will be hosted every second Friday and will include interviews, Q&A’s, from the field videos, video diaries and a whole lot more.  The Wild Eye Guides will take turns in hosting each episode so that you can get to know our entire dynamic guiding team.

In case you missed episodes 1-5, you can find them here.

Till next time.


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Johan van Zyl


The opportunity of visiting some of the wildest, undisturbed areas and sharing my passion for wildlife, conservation and photography with like minded people is a privilege that I am forever grateful.

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Comments 2

  1. Callum Evans

    I’m loving these Diaries, I’m always looking forward to the next one!! They are just so incredible and inspiring, and a great way to pick up wildlife photography tips too and to get a serious case of ‘Safari FOMO’! And I am sorry, how is Gerry getting the most insane sightings ever??!!!!!

    1. Post
      Johan van Zyl

      Thank you for your kind feedback Callum, glad you’re enjoying the diaries. The sightings Gerry had certainly were insane, and often nature just delivers around every corner. Thanks for your support and look forward to sharing many more episodes with you.

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