Wild Eye Diaries – Episode 7

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Episode 7 of the Wild Eye Diaries is live!

Hosted by Marlon du Toit, this episode includes:

  • 01:10 – Marlon shares highlights from the recent Serengeti Migration Safari
  • 04:30 – First Aid Training
  • 06:30 – Where to next? – Timbavati
  • 09:05 – Where to next? – Madikwe
  • 13:00 – Where to next? – Masai Mara Experience
  • 14:45 – Mara Camp Update with Lara & Tammy
  • 19:00 – Update from the Field with Gerry van der Walt
  • 29:45 – Weekly update from the Guides
  • 34:20 – Wrapping up with Marlon

The Wild Eye Diaries will be hosted every second Friday and will include interviews, Q&A’s, from the field videos, video diaries and a whole lot more.  The Wild Eye Guides will take turns in hosting each episode so that you can get to know our entire dynamic guiding team.

In case you missed episodes 1-5, you can find them HERE.

Till next time.

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Marlon duToit

Passion, enthusiasm and an unquenchable thirst to explore and introduce you to our natural world’s wildlife perfectly sums up my ambitions. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. Through my African adventures I kept my photographic passion alive. Behind a camera aimed at a lion or a leopard is where I am most at home, my heart skipping a beat at the mere thought of it. My intention has never been solely for recognition but for the plight of what’s left of our natural recourses. Using my love and understanding of wildlife I am able to convey to the viewer more than an image or a fleeting moment. I aim to tell a story, to bring that moment alive to you and to capture your heart through it.


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