Wild Eye Diaries Episode 9

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Wild Eye Diaries – Episode 9.

The Wild Eye Diaries will be posted every Friday and will include interviews, Q&A’s, from the field videos, video diaries and a whole lot more. The Wild Eye guides will take turns in hosting each episode so that you can get to know our entire dynamic guiding team! We look forward to changing the way you see the world!

Hosted by Trevor McCall-Peat, this episode includes:

00:35 – Intro

01:15 – Trevor briefly discusses new content going forward.

03:46 – Alistair shares his Tip Tuesday

08:36 – Update from Michael

10:02 – Johan shares some information on his recent first aid course

13:50 – Marlon shares his weekend away to Madikwe with his family

20:37 – Gerry who is in Cape Town and enjoying some down time, shares a bit of information about what he is up to in the Cape.

23:07 – Andrew discusses the General Travel side of Wild Eye.

26:39 – Wrapping up.

In case you missed episodes 1-8, you can find them HERE.

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Having Grown up in White River which then was a small town in the Lowveld, I have had an inner burning desire to pursue my passion and love for wildlife. From a young age I was guided by my family who shares the same passion for the natural world as I do. Frequently visiting wilderness areas from a young age instilled a deep craving to explore and learn more about the bush. Once I left school I began my journey to becoming a guide and following my dream. I have been a field guide for the past 9 years, starting out in the Western Cape and then returning to the lowveld where I spent my last 4 years spend at Londolozi Game Reserve where I gained invaluable experience and had the opportunity to learn about myself as an individual. Through my love for wildlife it has kick started my passion for photography and has allowed me to grow and pursue it as a career. Combining an array of different elements such as safaris, photography, being one with nature and sharing experiences with others is something I have really enjoyed doing and looking forward to continuing it on this new and exciting chapter.

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