Wild Eye is Coming to Cape Town!

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In July this year Wild Eye will again be visiting Simonstown to photograph the Great White Sharks of Seal Island.

 This photo safari is without a doubt one of the most exciting on our annual calendar and one I personally look forward to each year.  Whether it is the sense of the unknown, the intensity of the action or purely the amazing experience of being out on the ocean as the sun rises this safari never fails to produce amazing photographic opportunities.

The main goal on this photo safari is to photograph the great white sharks breaching and their interaction with the seals.

 Last year we witnessed and photographed five successful predations and we were only out on the water for one morning!  On top of that we also saw five massive breaches where the sharks launch themselves completely out of the water as they attempt to grab a seal that that has broken off from the group.

This year we will be spending four back to back mornings on the water so if last year was anything to go by this year should make for some amazing photographic opportunities.

The uniqueness of the experience of being out on the open waters and trying to photograph the massive sharks is unquestionable.

One of the amazing things about this photo safari is that you will, during the four days, have the opportunity to photograph everything from breaching great white sharks and seals to African Jackass Penguins and landscapes around Cape Point.

During last year’s trip I strapped a Go-Pro to the top of my 70-200mm lens and left it running throughout our morning on the water.   This video shows some of the footage from that morning.

 If you have been looking for a photographic safari, or even just a different photographic experience, this trip will blow your mind!  Four mornings of photographing great white sharks and then throw in some penguins, seascapes, landscapes at Cape Point and great accommodation on a single basis and you have the makings of a once in a lifetime experience!

The weekend before the Great White Sharks photo safari I will be presenting Digital Photography 101, a basic course that will help you get to grips with digital photography.   By working through the basics of digital photography and focusing not only on what all the technical terms do but what they can do for your photography you can be assured of a a fun and interactive day of learning.

At this stage there are still 4 spots available for both the Great White Sharks photo safari and Digital Photography 101 course so if you are keen to join us let me know!

I look forward to seeing you in Cape Town for a fantastic photographic experience!And yes, it’s worth it!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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