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This year realised our 6th year of running safaris to the Mara Triangle for the great migration and our 5th year of operating the Wild Eye Mara Camp on the banks of the Mara River.

Each year has seen us make a number of improvements in both the way that that the safaris are run but also in the camp itself. It may not always be evident from the safari page but the camp and our incredible team of staff play a massive role in the overall experience that our great migration safari guests receive whilst on safari with us.

As we look forward into our 2017 season I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share a bit more on the camp itself along with some fresh guest feedback and comments from our 2016 great migration season.


The Authentic Safari Tents

Our 2012 season saw us purchasing a number of brand new safari tents from here in South Africa. Furnished with a Maasai blanket on the floor, two mahogany beds with the most amazing mattresses,  a solar system powering inside and outside lights and a clothes rack, these were complimented by a basic awning on the front of the tent to provide shade in the heat of the day.



4 years later these tents have evolved to include a fully enclosed extension which now houses an en-suite toilet and clothes rack, making the actual living space twice what it was a few years ago.

migration, wild eye, mara camp

Whilst the toilets have been upgraded to an electronic flushing unit ( without doubt the best camping toilets on the market ! ) which are incorporated into the tent as an en-suite bathroom, the showers have also been split up (originally there were two showers at each station) with each guest tent now having a dedicated, freestanding  bucket-shower.

migration, wild eye, mara camp

Believe me when I say that a piping hot bucket-shower under the stars is one of the best ways to end the day in the Mara!

Guest Feedback

“I love the combination of “camping flair” and 5-star-accommodation. There was nothing missing and I really felt at home. It was amazing to see how luxury the bush can be … it must have been a lot of work to arrange all this. Great work … very well done.”

Silke Hullman, Germany

“The accommodation was everything we expected. We loved the remote location and the view over the river with it’s resident hippo, grunting and snorting to one another, and on one occasion, grazing right alongside the tent. The tents were comfortable and clean and well maintained and anything we needed – water, showers, laundry, toilet-maintenance – was always efficiently provided.”

Sam Keller, USA


“Loved the tents and the showers!! Very comfortable and spacious.”

Sue Bull, USA

“First time on this smaller tent and facilities, and as I don’t do “camping” !!! I was pleasantly surprised, and would do it again!”

Val Sparks, UK


 The Food

Something you may not know about Lara is that not only has she added an incredible amount of value to our company from a logistics point of view, but she is a bit of a food-fundi. With her help our weekly menu received a fresh new flavour. The addition of items such as savoury pancakes to the packed breakfasts,  light quiches and pizzas to the lunch menu, and range of hearty-homestyle 3 course dinners, the food on our safari has been taken to a new level.





Add to this the location in which it is served and you have a winning recipe (pun intended).



Whilst there were many compliments on various menu items, the favourite dish on safari had to be the Curry that Chef’s Joseph and pascal put together. This should come as no surprise considering that Chef Pascal worked in an Indian Kitchen for more than 5 years!

Believe me when I say that if you enjoy a good curry, its almost worth booking your safari to experience this dish alone!


Guest Feedback

Food during the whole trip was great, as good as as you can expect in a place like this. I enjoyed the breakfast on the move, as well as the flexibility of the staff to bring food to the mara when required.”

Chad Cocking, South Africa

The food and the service exceeded our expectations. Dessert with every meal was quite a treat and eating breakfast out on the plains, under a tree, surrounded by game, was pretty unique and very special.

Sam Keller, USA

” Dinners were sensational – and if you consider the logistics regarding breakfast and lunch (ie: you never know how long we are going to be out for) i thought the guys did a terrific job. on top of that, the wine and beer and general drinks were always icy cold….vital. 

Matthew Bull, USA

“I prefer this years menu to that of last year, more manageable portions! lovely quality and variety!”

Janet Winterbourne, South Africa


The Staff

Countless guests have left our camp saying that they came to witness the migratory herds but that they would return solely to experience the genuine warmth , hospitality and attention of our beautiful staff . The cultures of the Maasai people will intrigue you and their core values will leave an indelible mark on your soul. One of my guests once commented that the entire experience was almost spiritual and it provided him with so many answers to his complicated and cluttered life.




Guest Feedback


I loved them all! Everyone spoke to us as soon as we arrived, our names were remembered from that first meeting – such a personal touch. It made us feel part of a big family. I cannot single one person out, EVERYONE was charming, without exception. We obviously saw ‘front of house’ Dickson & Francis more often, but Mary & Jane would always make a point of chatting to me & rushed to wave us off on the last day. I waved through my tears!

Tracy Igoe, UK

Dixon and his crew were exceptional . Always there with hot and cold face towels, drinks and hot shower water. They, apart from the animals, were the stars of the week. I asked Dixon where he went to school as he seemed so well educated. His answer amazed me ” I have never been to school learned everything from the Wild-eye team

Richard Wentzell, South Africa


” Staff were always helpful and pleasant to be around. What a pleasure to get back to camp after a long day out to see Dixon’s smiley face and Francis handing me my glass of wine (without me having to ask).

Lidia Sancho, South Africa

Excellent staff … You have really excellent staff. This makes Wild-Eye much different than others…

Engin Akis, Turkey


The Location

There really is no better way to experience the Mara and you can not get closer to the Mara River than this.


Early morning conversations enjoyed over coffee and rusks (yip, we’ve even made sure there are rusks in camp) invariably revolve around who heard what during the night. I love listening to people trying to replicate the exact noise that they heard in the hopes of getting some sort of confirmation on the ID.

This usually ends up with everyone in hysterics.

I have been privileged enough to visit some incredible wilderness regions and the camps along the banks of the Mara River are without a doubt some of the most active in terms of wildlife. Even throughout the day we have been fortunate to have some incredible sightings right in front of camp!


Hopefully this will give you some perspective as to why we are always saying that there is so much more to the Wild Eye great migration safari experience than just the migratory herds.

Join us.

Let us change the way you see the world…

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  1. Andy Benaglia

    Having had direct experince of the Wild-Eye camp in the Mara I can only say it was one of the best safari experiences I’ve had. Accommodation, meals and service as one would want out in the African bush. Together with all the Wild-Eye staff is really is a first class experience.

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  2. Nico

    It was the ULTIMATE experience with a awesome bunch of people !! The Mara is an experience, but WILD EYE made it an experience that I will never forget!!
    You guys have truly shown what PROPER really means!!

    1. Post
  3. Michael Steden and Martina Meyer

    Hi Andrew, for me and Martina it was a great experience and pleasure to be in that camp 2015 and we got deep impressions to be so close to wildlife and nature. We really got new friends down there. The staff around Dickson was awesome, the food was excellent, the guides were extraordinary and even you and Grant were more than only managers at that trip. So we join you again with our friend David and his wife Karen next year and look forward to have such a nice time and even fun in life again with you and the whole team at the Wild Eye Mara Camp.

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  4. Jaco Marx

    Hi Andrew,

    ditto on every point you made. I can say without any doubt that we had an unforgettable experience with the Wile-Eye team! This includes waking up in the comfortable tents, having a great bush shower and having great meals. The game drives were cracking with great drivers and very supportive guiding from the Wild-Eye guides (Chad Cocking, Johan van Zyl, Marlon du Toit and Jono)

    Already planning my next trip with Wild-Eye!

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