Wild Eye Nature Photography Competition – FAQ #1

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Every week we will be posting answers to some of the common questions about the Wild Eye Nature Photography Competition.



Frequently Asked Questions #1


Q: Do images have to be taken in the month for which they are entered?

A: No, images do not have to be taken in the month that they are entered.


Q: If you are perhaps chosen as one of the monthly winners…can you enter again in the other months of the year and if so will your entry be seriously considered should already have been a prize winner?

A: Monthly winner, and runners up, are most definitely eligible to to enter images for subsequent months and will in no way be judged differently.  Each month, all images will be judged purely on merit and not on the photographer’s name or history in the competition.


Q: I don’t see the upload button anywhere?

A: Once you have registered and log in you will see the upload button on the top right of the screen.


Q: Why can I not add a watermark to my competition entries?

A: Apart from the watermark potentially distracting from the image we feel that the judging process will be more fair if the images are judged purely on merit and not, even subconsciously, by who the photographer is.


Q: I would like to enter – what is a raw image?

A: A RAW file is a digital negative.  Some cameras will give you the option to shoot in RAW but should you not have that function, or you choose not to shoot in RAW, you are still more than welcome to enter the competition.


Q: In your rules you state that if you win you need to submit the RAW image, i have never taken photos in RAW or is there a way i can change them?

A: If you do not shoot in RAW you are still more than welcome to enter the competition.  Should one of your images make it through to the finals you will be required to submit the original, unaltered JPEG image along with your processed competition entry.


Q: The rules state that “All photos must accurately reflect the subject matter as it appeared in the viewfinder when the image was captured.”  Does this mean that you are not allowed to clone out twigs, branches or clean the area surrounding the subject by removing distracting objects to make the appearance of the image neater and more presentable?

A: The cloning out of dust spots and other distracting elements is allowed.  Twigs, branches and other natural elements may be removed if it improves the  as long as it does not change the content of the image.  We do however recommend that you err on the side of caution when removing natural elements from your competition entries.


Q: I tried to upload 3 photos that were marginally larger than 500 k and were rejected. I re-sized to less than 500k and uploaded again now the system indicates i have 6 photos. any way to remove the “invisible” one’s?

A: To view, edit or delete any of your ‘invisible’ images that you have uploaded click on ‘Upload Photos’, scroll down to below the Upload images button and tick the box shown below.




Once the box is ticked scroll back up and click on Upload.  This will take you to the ‘invisible’ images in your queue where you can change or delete them.


Q: Today I loaded 2 more photos and when I wanted to do another 2 the site said I had already done 6 today? Now although there are only 5 to see it says I have 12?

A: You are allowed to upload 4 images in any given 24 hour period so this could be the reason the system sees this as 6 images.  See the above question for details on how to delete, change or upload any images in your queue.


If you have any questions please use the Have a Question? form on this page and we will add it to the next FAQ post.


Until next time.


Gerry van der Walt


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