Wild Eye Photo Chat #6

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In this episode:

– Thoughts on safari and photographic guides
– Self drive photographic trips and what to keep in mind
– An interview with wildlife photographer Hannes Lochner
– Quick sneak peek and some of the time-lapse videos from the Kgalagadi
– Final thoughts from our recent Kgalagadi photo expedition


Video Timeline:
00:00 – Safari guides, photographic guides and more
04:17 – Intro
06:42 – Self drive photographic trips.  A few thoughts…
11:04 – Interview with Hannes Lochner
30:30 – Quick time lapse video preview
32:45 – Final thoughts from our recent Kgalagadi Photo Safari


Links mentioned in this video:

Hannes Lochner’s Website
Kgalagadi Photo Expedition
Kgalagadi Photo Expedition with Hannes Lochner
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Until next time!


Gerry van der Walt


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  1. Deb Weston

    Thanks, what a fantastic photo chat.  Your opening was brilliant and made me laugh out loud.  The interview with Hannes Lochner was really interesting and you did a great job being engaged and giving him ample time to speak his thoughts.  Well done. 
    Enjoyed your thoughts at the end, it’s a nice feeling when we know we did something good.  A great reminder for those of us that self-criticize.  

  2. Anthony Robbins

    Boring guides, this is because it becomes just a job and not a passion, by the way at the turn of the 20th century one Ostrich feather would have got you passage on the boat from SA to England,something for next trip :). Great interview with Hannes and he seems like such a chilled out guy, great stuff.

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