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We photographers all have bits of kit we no longer use.

They might be on a shelf or forgotten in a drawer. We may even have once tried to trade them in for new kit.

Consider giving your forgotten or unwanted bits of camera gear a new lease of life and let a school child from a government school near Kruger an insight into the amazing world of wild life photography.


Some of these kids live within 20 km of the park gates in the Greater Kruger region. They have a passion for conservation and wildlife – yet they have never been into the park let alone seen elephants, lions or rhinos in the wild.

Your unwanted camera, lens, card can be used by Wild Shots Outreach to equip a school child so they can learn digital photography in a practical course before being taken into the park on a game viewer to take amazing images of wildlife.

Currently our kit consists mainly of Canon cameras – a 350D, a 500D, a 50D and a 5D MKI are all in our project box. We are short of lenses for Canon cameras and always need to replace bodies as they reach the end of their days. SD and CF cards are really useful to our students – no one uses 2GB or 4GB cards now do they? YES! They are perfect for us!

If you can part with your old gear you can help us. Through your donations we are engaging young people from government schools in nature and conservation through photography.

Donate Your Old Gear!

If you have any old items that you would like to donate to the Wild Shots outreach program please do get in touch with Mike and lets help you get the gear into the hands of those who need it most!

Contact Mike at Wild Shots

More About WildShots Outreach


Overview: The project’s aims are to engage young South Africans from disadvantaged communities in wildlife and conservation through photography. The course is very practical in nature, and after lessons in school, the students are taken into a game reserve to practice their new skills. Although these students live on the edge of Kruger, they have never had the opportunity to go into the reserve or see their natural heritage.



  • To engage and inspire young South Africans in the environment & nature conservation through photography;
  • To nurture an appreciation of wildlife, its importance, beauty and conservation value;
  • To develop self-confidence, self-esteem and life skills in course participants;
  • To promote creativity and artistic skills in young citizens;
  • To broaden and deepen knowledge and understanding of the environment and conservation.


A series of instructional sessions to embed the principles of photography and foster an appreciation of nature including:

  • Parts of a camera and how a camera works;
  • Photographic concepts such as depth of field, shutter speed, ISO and composition;
  • Identification of common South African wildlife, birds and trees;
  • The work of wildlife photographers; the role of national parks and reserves in tourism:
  • Field trip to a local game reserve to capture images of wildlife – for most students their first ever visit;
  • Use of IT to process and edit images.

Opportunities and follow up:

  • An exhibition will be staged of photographs taken by students from the course;
  • Images will be shared with the students and their schools;
  • Images taken by students will accessible through the Wild Shots Educational Outreach website;
  • Coffee table books/calendars will be produced showcasing young people’s images;

Wild Shots Educational Outreach
is run under the auspices of Wild Shots. Wild Shots is Africa’s premier wildlife photography conference. Top wildlife photographers, industry experts and the public meet together at Wild Shots to explore the power of nature photography and how it can promote a greater public appreciation of biodiversity and the conservation of nature in Africa.

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Very few people can tell you what their passion in life is. Even fewer will be able to tell you that what they do for a living is in fact their passion. My love for the bush and conservation took me on journey which would not only allow me to explore the continent which fascinates me so much, but to share my passion for photography and conservation with others. Be sure to check out my my website and instagram account.

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  2. Ann Hamilton

    Hello,I am coming to Hoedspruit in October,to work with Dr Rogers for the month.I have at least one old camera still in working order.I would like to give it to you for the children to use.If we can arrange to meet somewhere while I am there I can give it to you.Unfortunately I won’t have transport to get around while I am there but I will be staying at Alloway farm with Sheridan Burns.Look forward to hearing back from you.

    Regards Ann Hamilton

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  3. Andy Benaglia

    Just back from a WildEye Great Migration tour and would like to help in anyway possible. At the momeny I have a few SD cards and a pair of binoculars, 8×42, I would gladly donate for the project.
    Can ship them down to WildEye HQ if it suites you and of course if it doesn’t create any customs problems for you.

    Andy Benaglia

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      Andrew Beck

      Hi Andy

      Thanks so much for the kind offer. That would be fantastic, I will drop you an email and see if we cant get them to our Nairobi office and then onto one of our guides flying back to SA.

      Thank you so much!

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