Wildlife Photography From The Masai Mara and Amboseli

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In February I hosted the first Big Cats & Tuskers photo safari with Andrew Aveley.

Having had the privilege of traveling to and experiencing some amazing African destinations I can, without a doubt, say that this trip ranks right up at the top.  The combination of the rolling grasslands of the Masai Mara and the incredible visuals in Amboseli make for one of the most African photo safaris out there!  If you have not yet checked it out you can read my trip report here to see what the safari was about.

On the second day of the trip, as we were sitting in the media tent on the banks of the Mara river, all the guests became Facebook friends.  We had a good laugh about it but from a sharing point of view it’s awesome!  Since the trip we  have been sharing images and updates from all across the globe and the ability of being able to stay in touch, real-time, is absolutely fantastic.

So in this spirit of sharing, and to showcase some truly amazing wildlife photography, this post is a compilation of images from Bret Charman who joined us on the trip.  Bret’s website showcases some of his work and it’s definitely worth a look.

For now, as a bit of a build up to the release of the 2014 Big Cats & Tuskers photo safari, grab a cup of coffee and check out the day by day blog posts that Bret has posted on his site.  Each of the images below will link to a blog post in which Bret shares some thoughts and some fantastic images from the trip!

It is a visual wildlife photography feast so enjoy!

Big Cats & Tuskers – Day 1

Big Cats & Tuskers

Big Cats & Tuskers – Day 2

Big Cats & Tuskers

Big Cats & Tuskers – Day 3

Big Cats & Tuskers

Big Cats & Tuskers – Day 4

Big Cats & Tuskers

Big Cats & Tuskers – Day 5

Big Cats & Tuskers

Big Cats & Tuskers – Day 6

Big Cats & Tuskers

Big Cats & Tuskers – Day 7

Big Cats & Tuskers

Big Cats & Tuskers – Day 8

Big Cats & Tuskers

Man, looking at these images I am yearning to get back to Kenya.

Hey, with the Great Migration photo safaris coming up I only have a few months to wait.

And then it’s only another few month till the next Big Cats trip!   Cannot wait…

Thanks for the posts Bret and I look forward to spending more photography time with you in future!  Make sure to also check out Bret’s Facebook page for more images and updates from this talented wildlife photography.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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