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Too many wildlife photographers out there get it wrong and after reading a great post on Pixiq.com this post came to life.

The essence of why we do what we do sometimes get lost in the orgy of self-appreciation that some people get caught up in online.

Sad to see.

We need to keep it real.

We need to remember what it’s really about.

Wildlife photography should be about:

– Passion

– Patience

– Emotion

– Creating

– Sharing

– Seeing

– Appreciating

– Being

– Nature

– Being outdoors

– Relaxation

– Wildlife

– Caring

– Enjoying

– Educating

– Learning

– Knowledge

– Awareness

– Telling stories

– Finding yourself

– Imagine

– Trying new things

– You

– Us

– Relationships

– Humanity

– Conservation

– Perception

– Fulfillment

– Taking time

– Giving back

– Spiritually

– Sunrises

– Sunsets

– Africa

– Now

– The past

– The future

– Feeling

– Living

– Loving

– Discovery

– Truth

– Photography

– Moments

I reckon that’s a start.

To sum it up – you should do it for yourself.  The moment you start doing wildlife photography for or other people or some or other sideline agenda your images will show the lack of honesty.  The lack of truth.  Lack of passion.

Awards, money, fame, fortune, likes, comments – If those are your goals you are gonna fail.

Along with the above it is also important to check out what wildlife photography should NOT be about.  Check it out here.

Please feel free to add to the list by adding your comments below.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt


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  2. Ivan

    Nice pretty comprehensive list too … but I didn’t know the was a strain of wheat that attracted wildlife ‘tog’s LOL 😉 (see your 3rd last line above)

  3. Davidhinchliffe2

    So very true Gerry and that is why I shun Photoshop, if you cant get it right first time then try again, Photoshop is trick photography and making excuses for a bad photo.
    WHY are all the Waterfall photos like Cotton Wool instead of tumbling water, totally false

    1. xmesox

       Without trying to argue, your comment shows ignorance in photography. Firstly, photoshop for any modern photographer living in the 21st century is not something to be shunned. Yes, there are ways of turning a photograph into something ‘fake’ but most photographers do not do that, not the real ones at least. In the age of film cameras, photographers used darkroom tactics the same way as photographers use photoshop for. If you’ve ever worked in a dark room you’d know that it’s definitely not just a process of developing and saying that’s that. The use of tools like sharpening and noise reduction are excellent tools that vast majority of popular digital photographers, wouldn’t give up.

      Secondly, these cotton wool photographs of waterfalls are NOT from photoshop. They are created using long exposure, usually by using Neutral Density filters. Allowing the camera to have an increased shutter speed. This is not a ‘trick’ or manipulation. It’s a very essential part of photography, using filters to achieve scenes you can’t without them. It is not a new concept or anything blasphemous to photography. They are the tools of a good photographer.

      1. Leonmars500

         Totally agree with you on the Photoshop issue xmesox – there are many ignorant people out there who think Photoshop is only for churning out false images.

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