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The Wildlife Photography Podcast – Episodes 1 to 6

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Our goal at Wild Eye is to change the way our guests and clients see the world!

This goes for both the way in which we manage our private guided and photographic safaris as well as the content we create on our online platforms.  We are very proud of the content we produce and there are very few companies who comes close to producing as  much valuable and quality wildlife photography related content on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and this blog.

A few weeks ago I started a project I have been wanting to get going for a while.

A brand new wildlife photography podcast series!

Gerry van der Walt - Wildlife Photography Podcast

The podcast is the latest addition to our online platforms and one I am very excited about.  The ability to talk through various topics related to Africa, photography and travel is amazing and you can expect some amazing content coming up which you can listen to at the gym, in the cars or when you’re on the plane heading to your next Wild Eye safari adventure.

Our goal is to produce a minimum of between 1 and 3 episodes per weeks with some weeks being daily!

Below you can check out and listen to the first 6 episodes:

The great thing about The Wildlife Photography Podcast is that you can subscribe on either iTunes or Soundcloud and download the latest episodes as they become available to listen to on your own time.  Click on the links below to check out the podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud and subscribed.

The Wildlife Photography Podcast will include include discussions, interviews, Q&As and various other aspects of wildlife photography and I have already had some great questions and suggestions for future episodes.  If you’d like to contribute, have a questions or have a topic you would like us to discuss leave me a comment below.

I’m having fun and I look forward to seeing where we can take this and hope you’ll enjoy me for the ride!

Until next time.


About the Author

Gerry van der Walt

I am a private and specialist photographic safari guide, public speaker, co founder of Wild Eye and wildlife photographer. Visit my website at or follow my journey on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter a look forward to changing the way you see the world.  I also host a Wildlife Photography Podcast and I Vlog!

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  1. Richard Wentzel

    Hi Gerry, In episode 6 you talk about not editing in the field. I made this mistake during our Mara trip last year. I spent each evening in the media tent. Only when I got home did I realise how much I missed by not sitting in the boma and taking in the African night sky and sounds. The photos will always be there for editing. Enjoying the podcasts. Thanks.

    1. Post
      Gerry van der Walt

      Hi Richard, thanks so much for listening and for your comment. Couldn’t agree more. It’s about experiencing being out in the field and yes, there is always time to process images. 🙂 G.

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