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The Wildlife Photography Podcast – Episodes 8 to 23

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The Wildlife Photography Podcast includes discussions, interviews, Q&As and various other aspects of wildlife photography and I have already had some great questions and suggestions for future episodes.

If you’d like to contribute, have a questions or have a topic you would like us to discuss leave me a comment below but for now, in case you’ve missed the last few episodes – since this post – here’s a quick update and links to episodes 8 through 23!

As always, I will continue to share the podcasts here once in a while but to make sure you don’t any episodes make sure to subscribe on either iTunes or Soundcloud.

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Gerry van der Walt

I am a private and specialist photographic safari guide, public speaker, co founder of Wild Eye and wildlife photographer. Visit my website at or follow my journey on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter a look forward to changing the way you see the world.  I also host a Wildlife Photography Podcast and I Vlog!

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