The Best of the 2012 Wild Eye Nature Photography Competition

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Here it is…

The 36 images that are in contention to win a photographic safari for two to the Masai Mara later this year!

After a 12 month competition we are proud to present to you the winner and two runners up from the monthly competitions.  I am sure you will agree that the quality of images, both from a content and technical point of view is absolutely amazing.

Now even though we had 12 winners and 24 monthly runners up, all the images you see here are now on an equal footing when it comes to the final round of judging during which the overall winner will be announced!

Yes, any one of these images could win!

Later this month we will be releasing the details on the final round of judging and also take an in-depth look at the prizes on offer.  Make sure to keep an eye on the Wild Eye Facebook Page and Twitter Feed for updates.

For now we would love to hear from you and which images you think should place first, second and third in the overall competition.

Remember, this is just a fun exercise to see which images you guys feel should win.  There are no prizes on offer – well not yet anyway – so look through the images and then select your favourites from the drop down menu below.

Simple as that!

We will be closing this informal pole on Friday 22 February and will then release the results of the popular poll along with the final judging information and some other exciting news the following week!

Which three images do you think should place first, second and third?

Simply hit the link below, and then choose your favourite images.  You will see that the images in the drop down menus are in the same order as shown below – per month, as they were announced – so you should be able to choose your favourite easily.

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January 2012

Carmine Bee-Eater

Image by Mark Dumbleton



Image by Anthony Robbins

Kubu Island Baobab

Image by Mark Dumbleton

* * *

February 2012

Cheetah and Cubs

Image by Albie Venter

Desert Runners

Image by Isak Pretorius

Close Up

Image by Marlon du Toit

* * *

March 2012

Rocket Landing

Image by Morkel Erasmus

Forest Retreat

Image by Laura Dyer

Leopard Sunrise

Image by Gavin Tonkinson

* * *

April 2012

Gecko in the Dunes

Image by Isak Pretorius

Common Scarlet Butterfly

Image by Elaine de Bruyn

Namib Fairy Circle

Image by Mark Dumbleton

* * *

May 2012

Lion and Baby Badger

Image by Shane Saunders

Flaming Namibian Rainfall

Image by Mark Dumbleton

Leopard Ascent

Image by Morkel Erasmus

* * *

June 2012

Painted Wolf Alpha Male

Image by Morkel Erasmus

Sprinting Cheetah

Image by Hendri Venter

King of His Domain

Image by Albie Venter

* * *


July 2012

Royal Flush

Image by Basie van Zyl

 Stormy Past

Image by Keith Connely


Image by Hendri Venter

* * *

August 2012

Chobe Ballet

Image by Frits Hoogendijk

Always Watching

Image by Basie van Zyl

Kalahari Migration

Image by Isak Pretorius

* * *

September 2012

Barn Owl at Dusk

Image by Mark Bridger


Image by Mark Bridger

Kalahari Eyes

Image by Seyms Brugger

* * *

October 2012

Hostile Take-Over

Image by Rudi van den Heever

A Grand View

Image by Keith Connelly

Eye to Eye

Image by Hendri Venter

* * *

November 2012

Grooming Baboons

Image by Dave Barnes

Waterbuck Skyline

Image by Brendon Jennings

Golden Light

Image by Brendon Jennings

* * *

December 2012

This Is Africa

Image by Hendri Venter

New Life

Image by Basie van Zyl


Image by Marcelle Robbins

* * *

Wildlife photography is about technology, art and nature and the images above show what is possible when they all come together!

Good luck to all the photographers who have images in the final and make sure you stay tuned for the exciting conclusion to the 2012 Wild Eye Nature Photography competition!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt


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  1. Marcelle Robbins

    Thanks guys, so chuffed to be included amongst these photographers. I have yet to receive my email, but will keep a look out.

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