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I have some very exciting news!

For these of you who following the Wild Eye social content, may it be of the teams Snapchat, Instagram or just on our website, I’m sure your would of scrolled past this image quiet often;

This is our feature image for our Big Cats & Tuskers Safari in Kenya, and yes that is Mount Kilimanjaro.

This is one of our most popular itineraries and we still believe if you’re looking for a ‘best of a Kenyan’ safari, this is the one for you!


If you want to experience the best of Kenya, EXCLUSIVELY, then our new scheduled departure – Exclusive Amboseli & Lake Nakuru, is the safari for you!

This safari affords guests the opportunity to spend a bit more time in two of Kenya’s most popular photographic destinations.

  •         The magical Amboseli National Park


  •         The very mysterious Lake Nakuru

Here is the departure date and highlights of this safari;

  • 10 – 19 April 2018
  • 5 Nights Amboseli National Park
  • 4 Nights Lake Nakuru national Park
  • Internal Flight Between Amboseli and Nairobi
  • Only 3 guests hosted by one experienced Wild Eye Guide
  • Spend quality time photographing the Elephants of Amboseli
  • Explore the magical Fever Tree Forests around the fringe of Lake Nakuru

Spending a good amount of time in one destination allows one to get an idea of the ebb and flow of the wildlife movements and in Amboseli, will also maximise your chances of capturing the iconic image of elephants with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background.

A typical day in the Amboseli will involve heading out just before sunrise with a packed breakfast, returning for a light lunch before heading out to make the most of the afternoon light and fine dust.

Then to Lake Nakuru;

This is one of those destinations that lends itself to some incredible photography of both animals in their environment and tight intimate portraits. The diversity and concentration of game here is astounding and you wont drive for long without seeing something special.

The itinerary of the Exclusive Amboseli & Lake Nakuru Safari;

  • Day 1: Drive from Nairobi to Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge
  • Day 2: Full day Amboseli, overnight Amboseli Serena
  • Day 3: Full day Amboseli, overnight Amboseli Serena
  • Day 4: Full day Amboseli, overnight Amboseli Serena
  • Day 5: Full day Amboseli, overnight Amboseli Serena
  • Day 6: Morning Game drive and Flight to Nairobi, drive to Lake Nakuru, overnight Sarova Lion Hill
  • Day 7: Full Day Lake Nakuru, overnight Sarova Lion Hill
  • Day 8:Full Day Lake Nakuru, overnight Sarova Lion Hill
  • Day 9: Full Day Lake Nakuru, overnight Sarova Lion Hill
  • Day 10: Morning Game Drive and departure by road for Nairobi

So if you have been dreaming of photographing senses like this for a long time now;

You know what to do to make that dream a reality!

Exclusive Amboseli & Lake Nakuru

Come and join the Wild Eye community in Kenya and change the way you see the world!

More Info

I look forward to joining you on our first, very exclusive Kenyan safari, sharing not only my experiences but also my knowledge regarding the wildlife in the area as well as photographic knowledge in order for you to capture all the memorable moments we will have!

Until then,

Happy snapping!



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