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On our recent trip down to Cape Town bit Andrew and I used the Pro Elite backpack from Clik Elite.

Now the one question I have been asked a couple of time is – ‘Will it fit into the overhead baggage compartment?

When you are traveling to far off destination such as Kenya this is a very important question as you will more than likely have quite a bit of equipment with you.

From experience I can tell you that a lot of camera bags claim to be ‘carry-on friendly’ yet most definitely are not and you need a serious amount of strength to force it into the overhead compartment during most local and international flights.

So on our way back from Cape Town, after a great trip photographing great white sharks, Andrew and I decided to check it out and see if a fully loaded Pro Elite bag will fit into the ‘Hand Luggage Auditions’ frame at the Kulula check in counter.

Just for the record the bag was filled with the following equipment:

[list type=”bullet”]
  • Nikon D3s
  • Nikon D700 with Battery Grip
  • Nikon 300mm f/2.8 VR II
  • Nikon 70-200mm f/28 VR II
  • Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8
  • 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters
  • GoPro and various attachments
  • Chargers for D3s and D700
  • 13″ Macbook Pro plus charger
  • iPad
  • Various cables and other smaller gadgets.
  • Beanie, Gloves, rolled up fleece
[/list] [space height=”15″]

And I did not even really use the two side sections of the bag!

So, did it fit?

Proi Elite from Clik Elite SA

Too easy!

The fully loaded backpack fit perfectly into the allowed carry on space.  No sticking or having to jam it in.

When we checked in we were asked about the weight of our carry on which is 7kg per person – but that is a whole different story!

If you are looking for a quality camera bag that will swallow up all you photo gear this is definitely a serious contender!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Morkel Erasmus

    Now that’s good to know. Regarding the ultimate weight – no airline can seriously request you to keep that kind of gear in the hold. You just need to convince them that you are making up for the variance that other passengers have with their hand luggage being below the allowable limit 🙂

  2. Karine

    I’d like to hear the ‘other story…’ and what methods you are taking to get around the max hand baggage weight…perhaps a blog post? What is it that we photographers need to resort to? I’d like to hear everyone else’s tactics…as checking in with expensive gear is becoming tedious, if not downright impossible. I recently had half the contents of my regular checked bag (mostly clothing and some random gear) stolen while in the hands of SAA. And they want me to check in a size wise camera bag, containing thousands of $ of gear that they will not insure, just because it exceeds the cabin baggage weight? (AND i only checked in ONE of two 50lb bags I am allowed) I think not. But, what can we do??

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